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What It Takes To Be a wedding DJ

Once upon a time, DJs were using vinyl and turntables, and that’s what most of us are under the impression happens today. However, the industry has a nearly unrecognizable environment from a decade ago, and the skillset needed to succeed has changed especially in the wedding DJ perth markets.

1.Become an expert at remixing and mashing up

Once upon a time, mixing two songs would do the trick. Nowadays, things have changed, and you need to keep ahead of the game. Remixing, mashing up, even producing are just some of the things you’ll be involved with on a daily basis. One trick is to make use of software packages which can help you achieve these result in no-time. You can include Ableton, Pro-Tools, Audacity, and others to take your music to the next level.

2.Learn how to use Midi controllers creatively

One of the main things you need to step out of the shadows is a Midi controller. Learn how to use it efficiently, and keep up with any new technological improvements. You already know that everything is moving at such a faster pace than ten years ago, and there are positives which come with this too. For example, you can now create more robust and dynamic remixes, using the same technology utilized by the world’s top DJs.

3.Become a pro at online networking

Fast forward to twenty years ago, and the dj hire perth scene looked entirely different. Not only has the Internet became a commodity for many people around the world, but all these advancements we nowadays see didn’t exist. The good thing about the world we’re living in is that technologies allow us to create and distribute sounds and feelings across the planet.  You can even use platforms such as SoundCloud, Facebook, and others to share your work, building a fanbase.