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Laser versus Optical

Experts commonly say that the sensor is the heart of the mouse. Bearing that in mind, there are three options available for you for choosing the best budget gaming mouse  : laser, optical, and infrared.

As a general rule of thumb, gamers are most accustomed to laser sensors, and that’s because they can work on any given surface. The downside, however, is that they have a higher lift-off distance in comparison to optical mice –particularly problematic when your mouse almost reaches the end of the mouse mat. This problem is just one of the reasons for which professional gamers often opt for optical products, in addition to choosing high-quality mouse mats that can help with accurately reading surfaces.

Technology advances each day, and nowadays players have the option of a 3G infrared sensor capable of reducing lift-off issues, all while still maintaining its reputation when in contact with any surface.

Claw Grip versus Palm Grip

The two most common ways of holding the mouse are claw grip and palm grip. On the one hand, claw grip involves keeping the tips of your fingers on your mouse, almost lifting away from the mouse mat –ideal for lightweight and small mice. On the other hand, palm grip relates to when your palm rests on top of the mouse, almost pushing along the mouse mat –perfect for larger units. Your best bet is first to figure out what suits you!

Personal Preference

Another crucial thing to consider is personal preference. If aesthetics plays a vital role for you, then there’s no point to talk about functionality and versatility like a broken record. On the other hand, if performance is the primary determinant of your gaming life, you should look at the professional best gaming mouse under 20 used by pro players. Either way, don’t kid yourself that personal taste won’t get in the way!